by Costanza Cerasi 

The Spanish movie market is booming. This incredible progress of the industry started in 2015, as Ramón Colom, president of FAPAE (Confederation of Spanish audiovisual producers), gave a positive review of how Spanish cinema at home was received, with a 19% stake and over 100 million euros.

Spain is gaining reputation outside the country

Subsequently during the year 2016, a total of 146 Spanish films were exhibited outside Spain, up 11% more of the previous year, with 132 titles being distributed. It was the second-best figure in recent years, with only over 157 titles in 2014. If a balance was established from the situation of the year 2008, the projection of Spanish movies in theaters outside of Spain has virtually doubled. Specific statistics for the year 2017 are yet to be released, however based on the ones of 2016 geographically speaking, Europe takes the first place in the number of Spanish films featured with 49.2% of the quota. All Latin American countries reached 39.3%. The most widely distributed genre is a new drama, for a total of 30%, so the comedy, with 25%, increasing by almost 5 percentage points over the year 2015.

Also Spanish TV-movies and series gain markets

jobslogoSpanish feature films, exhibited at international level in the year 2016 (co-productions, egalitarian, majority and minority), were viewed by over 14 million people and raised almost 81 million euros. Internally, Spanish films in the Spanish cinemas in 2016 raised another 110 million euros, for a total of 191 million in only one year. In the year 2017 more than 55 movies were produced and distributed.

Spain as a shooting destination is also very successful. In this promotional video, released in 2017 by the Spanish Film Comission there are the comments of some of the most worldwide important actors and directors, describing Spain as a shooting paradise.

  • Everything was fine, I had no complaints, I wish every place was as easy to work at and as cooperative as Spain was.” – Woody Allen

An interview with Elijah Wood, a very famous American actor, is featured in which he expresses his ideas about Spain as shooting destination.

  • The crew itself is so extraordinary, it feels like the crew is made up of not just simply people doing their job but of filmmakers who have a genuine interest in the film we are trying to make and there’s a sense of family and support on set that is really extraordinary. They have a vested interest and an ability that it goes beyond their own personal vocation and that’s kind of extraordinary.” – Elijah Wood

  • Spain has really put itself on the map and showcased itself so clearly with films that have come out of Spain in the last 5 to 10 years. It’s a wonderful place to make films.” – Elijah Wood