…or why is it, that events that have passed decades ago still hold us under their spell? Are they dreams and occurences to which we only find answers in time? I have spent most of my life trying to work up these thoughts, both as a musician, as well as a painter, to implement them in the context of what has happened and reality.

Alexis Korner, with whom I was on tour through Germany in the early eighties, once said as description of what he does and why he does it: “I must have been heavily schizophrenic all my life. The me who hears, what the other me can’t play, is the dominant one”

This also applies to my thoughts about déjà vu. It is the subconscious that pushes forward from time to time. Therefore it is this tension between drawing and music that to this day, determines my work. With the music I dream ahead of reality, with my drawing I’m working on the past. An event that concerns me up until today, are the occurrences of 9/11.

2009 was when I started trying to work up my feelings and impressions musically. This happened with the help of my friend Harry Wenz, which I want to thank again for his commitment and active support. His help as a musician and a producer was crucial to make my impressions audible in form of a music production.

Through it all, we were supported by a group of musicians, who are mentioned again in an annex to the songs.

In summary, I would like to call them “The Subconscious Minds”, because of the wonderful way in which they helped transform all the experiences with which I, as well as our civilised world, find ourselves confronted with, into melodies.

By Georg Viel