by Adrian Leeds

This one was ‘spur of the moment’ — he had a time slot, I had a time slot, and here he came up the stairs with his new pup on a leash and his equipment: comb/cape/scissors. Having one’s haircut on the street (or in your own apartment for which I opted), dry, with no equipment other than Kanu Saul, the “Hair Cowboy” (also known as “Picasso of Hair” or “Genius with Scissors”) is one of those nutty, fun experiences everyone should do at least once. But watch out, you may get addicted to Kanu.

Kanu Saul is famous in several cities, having made his mark in Los Angeles as long ago as 2004 (see The Los Angeles Times). Now he’s working the streets of the City of Light. His story is fascinating and so are his pale green eyes on mulatto skin.

Kanu claims his technique is unique. Agreed. I’ve never had a hair cut like this one. No wet-down. He combs and pulls and twists and strips out the dead ends and what he calls the “bad stuff.” You have to stand tough and hold tight against his yanking all the while he’s telling you not to worry, “You’re going to love your hair — it will feel so light, you won’t know it’s there!”

And so it is. And it curls like never before. And it’s fluffier, fuller.

The man is magic.


Want a cut on the street by the Hair Cowboy? You’ll find Kanu at + or email