by Avery Phillips

Are you so addicted to Twitter that you think 140 characters at a time? Good news — your social media problem could help land you a job. Even if you’re a fairly casual Twitter user, you might be able to leverage your reach and contacts to improve your career prospects.

Look into Twitter Marketing

The clearest connection between social media and job seeking is marketing. Many companies are shifting their marketing strategies to include organic engagement with their audience, and social media gurus are a hot commodity at the moment. If you’re an avid blogger, bonus points. Companies are vying for position in search engines, which generally includes a robust social media strategy. Don’t discount journalism, either. Digital media is in hot demand among news organizations, who always seek new ways to connect with readers.

Companies Often Recruit Through Twitter

Especially if they’re looking to attract a millennial or internet-savvy crowd. A few quick searches of keywords and companies that you’re interested in could expand the
scope of your job search. Plus, be on the lookout for listings like these in Ireland.

Don’t be afraid to engage: retweet yourself

Demonstrating your savvy by getting them mentions is a great way to prove your skillset before even sending them a resume. Some people across the pond have gone a few steps further, creating an entire social media strategy around their job search.

Don’t neglect any of your resources. Consider how best to use Twitter as part of your overall jobsearch strategy. If you’ve identified a number of companies that you wish to target through your job search, use all the to start making connections. Demonstrate your ability to network on multiple levels by looking up their hiring manager and introducing yourself if they don’t have any open positions.


Hiring departments are inundated with resumes

Finding ways to get people saying your name to one another is one important step in separating yourself from the white noise of applicants.

Connecting with prospective employers on Twitter can be a powerful tool to demonstrate your above-average drive and solidify your place as an ideal candidate. But it’s important not to overdo it and not to waste the opportunities you’re given. If you do get responses to your outreach, have some questions handy to demonstrate a genuine interest.

Look into what types of questions you should ask during job interviews and have quick versions ready to fire off. You can start building your reputation right off the bat. Within small to midsize companies in particular, managers talk to each other. The right questions can start you on a strong footing before your first interview begins.

Especially if you’re seeking a career in marketing, journalism, or public relations, demonstrating a working knowledge of Twitter and other social media channels can vastly improve your job prospects. Show those all the people making fun of you for typing with your thumbs that it can actually land you an awesome career.