By Stefanie Claudia Müller

Dr. Martina Violetta Jung has got a very different CV. For many it might not be comprehensible that someone who managed to be in the board of directors of important companies in Germany and Belgium suddenly dedicates her professional life to writing, to write Business Poems, but also books about women and success.

Jung gave up her managerial and consultant career and started to control her own life again. Being a woman and working in top-management is still a challenge, not just in Germany where Jung lives again. But according to her it should not be like that: “As long as women themselves do not realize that only a woman can make the difference as a woman and that she should not make the mistake to act like a man, nothing will really change in the business world.” Her Book Die Hälfte des Himmels ist weiblich tells 7 stories about women that find their way in business, who stand up for their beliefs and who make men think. Martina JUNGJung`s 7 stories about women and men give us an idea about why women do not carry half of the heaven like the chinese saying indicates. “We are there, but we do not influence the way we should do. We do, what men want us to. We do not determine or control our destiny in many ways. We dress to impress them, rather than be our self”, says the writer who considers herself to be a “Business Poet” rather than a Top-Manager.

Angela Merkel is a very good role model for women

MVJ_Header_HomeProbably the most influential woman alive is Angela Merkel. She is a very good example of being successful without becoming a man and pretending to be a woman in way she is not. Merkel is just herself. She does not care that much about her dress, hair cut or look in general. The German chancelor is not sexy, but however she is charming, soft and motherlike. Inspite of being not “attractive” she has managed to find her way through to be the first woman as a chancelor. She is “Mutti”, shows her heart, cares and she is bossy at the same time.

Dr. Martina Violetta Jung herself knows how hard it is to survive in a male world. Her body, mind and soul needed healing after her tough experiences in the board of directors in various German and Belgian companies. She healed herself by doing what she really likes: writing and painting. Now she wants to heal others with her books about business and women.

Have a look at “Die Hälfte des Himmels ist weiblich” and start to wonder about what you do in your life, because others expect you to. Being authentic and to care for your desires does not mean that you are egocentric. It is a garantuee for a good health. And just as a healthy mother, lover, teacher, colleague or boss you can make other people feel good. Healthy means also healthy in your mind and soul, not just in your body.