Are you seeking a rewarding humanitarian career?

Medair gives experienced professionals like you the opportunity to use your skills in the humanitarian sector to help those in greatest need. Madair is one of only a few NGOs that provides career opportunities for professionals who have no previous relief work experience.

What’s so rewarding about a career with Medair? You will help save and sustain the lives of people who truly need assistance, while also learning new skills in a complex humanitarian environment. You will immerse yourself in a foreign culture and experience the joys and challenges of living and working with an international team. You will know the rich blessing of saving a life, of teaching new skills, of seeing communities restored and transformed.

refugeesWhat kind of professional experience is Medair looking for?

We are looking for professionals from our three core activities: Health and Nutrition, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), and Shelter and Infrastructure.

We also need experienced staff with a background in senior management, project and team management, project support, logistics, finance or accounting, human resources, marketing, communications, fundraising, media, and/or ICT.

Do you share our values?

Medair’s leadership—including our Internationally Recruited Staff and Headquarters staff—are committed to values that unite us. Our values are: faith, hope, accountability, integrity, dignity, and compassion.

Headquarters Staff to work at our HQ offices in Lausanne, Switzerland

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