By Dr. Martina Violetta Jung

My name is Martina Violetta Jung and today, age 53, I am a Business Poet. It is not a job I took on right after obtaining my university degree nor had anyone offered it to me. I created “The Business Poet” to suit my own talents, skills, experience as well as inner urge to contribute to our world in the best way I possibly can – all this after years of soul searching and letting go of something that wasn’t really me.

On my professional career path as a business lawyer, General Manager, CEO and Member of Supervisory Boards, I realized that it needs an emotion to get people into motion to change things for the better. Reports, facts and figures, even business books don’t achieve that, as they don’t create sufficient emotional energy. Reading stories and poems on a hero’s journey that could be your own, however, moves much more.

What is a Business Poet?

Martina JUNGA poet is a person who combines lyricism with sharp insight, finding the essence of truth and beauty in the epic affairs of humanity and everyday acts. A poet expresses the wonders, hidden joys and sorrows that most might overlook. A poem focuses on a single event, a story, by contrast, shows a development over time. Stories have carried our human culture into the next generations for more than 3 Million years. I just combined the preference of our human brain to memorize and pass on information with our current working world, something, that others didn’t dare or think about yet. I give you two examples of my current work.

I like poems of just three lines, Japanese haiku style. Haikus describe a single moment in nature, I use the form to make people see business and themselves differently. For example, the President of the US lies himself through the day. In the business world, where he comes from and which I know insight out, lying is second nature. It starts with marketing campagnes to sell something that is not quite as good as promised and it ends with breaking the law (like Volkswagen did). To create awareness, make people think and smile, I wrote and illustrated this poem:

Are you lying to me, Mr. Winterkorn?

No Donald, business as usual –

just economical with the truth.

Poems reflect reality, feelings, they are not old fashioned. They areas good as videos

Last autumn, I got really upset when the World Economic Forum published an estimate that women will have equal opportunities and pay in our companies in 61 years from now in Western Europe and in 170 years worldwide. None of the gentlemen even felt ashamed of that. Little help can thus be expected from that side. But women, from the old wise ones to the young wild ones can simply drop out of their present behavior patterns, show courage, creativity and vision. I took seven situations that I experienced in my leadership career within companies and developed them into seven fictional interlinked and funny stories that should inspire women to change their own fade in the business world: Die Hälfte des Himmels ist weiblich – Sieben Geschichten von Frauen, die handeln.

The argument “I don’t have time to waste and read stories or poetry” is, scientifically proven, a misconception. Stories are a huge time saver. They let you experience events and emotions that it would take you decades to experience yourself. Stories are a reality simulator, totally safe to go through, but with effect. They make you wiser, more loving, caring and compassionate about yourself and others, especially when failure is involved. Stories keep you hopeful, make you less lonely, reassure you of the normality of pain, rebalance you and help you to appreciate the ordinary. In them, you find our own neglected thoughts and needs without anyone judging you.

Do what you love to do and what are your skills and not what they want you to do

To make a good living, the key is to provide something remarkable to your potential customers. My customers are my readers, the man and women working in (or just entering) our companies who either want to grow from the inside out or who are at a point in their career where they receive pay for pain endured. They, young and old, buy my books, which I self-publish on Amazon worldwide, as what I write does not fit into the current thinking patterns and marketing boxes of classic publishers. To them business learning does not go together with poetry and telling stories with a morality. They are wrong, but don`t know it yet. All industries get reinvented by an outsider…

I hope, I have inspired you to pursue a road not yet travelled and make the most out of it for yourself and all benefitting from your work. Most jobs we need in our ever changing and complex world of today are not yet invented. Create our own best environment instead of letting someone else press you into a narrow box. What I can recommend is, follow your heartfelt passion, combine it with your skills, experience and God given gifts and offer something unique and, enjoy every minute of it!