A new site for finding a job: jobsallovereurope.com. This modern way to find the right company in the right country in Europe is different from everything on the market. Behind this project are real persons and not just a fancy technology. Planet BPM connecting Europe offers candidates to upload their CV video for free and to contact right away with the companies.

The companies have the unique chance to get the complete picture of a future candidate and not just a written CV. The matchmaking will be done by human beings and not technology, to make sure that the best candidate and company get together in

Different to other webpages we also want to bring projects and artists together. Artists looking for expositions, actors looking for asignments and creative people looking for a new challenge in Europe. It is not just about speaking languages, you need to be connected. We help you!

We have a network of services, headhunters and language trainers all over Europe to offer the best training for all people that want to go for the job, internship or project, whereever it will be in Europe. Go! Get the job: jobsallovereurope.com