by Stefanie Claudia Müller

In these days we talk a lot about Trump and the US. We are very scared about what we see. The Americans have always been a reference for democracy and tolerance, but in these elections they have shown that something changed in the American society. In Europe populism à la Trump is rising, also due to its, how it seems, easy success to get the votes of frustated middle class families and the support of many young people without a job. They are doubts about immigration and integration, but nevertheless Europe and the European Union are still the best example in the world for tolerance and democracy. 

5 reasons to stay in the UE

    • Europe has become richer due to a shared responsibility and solidarity

Among the 10 richest countries in the world is Denmark with a per capita income of 260.000 US-$. Besides, the Danes are the happiest persons in the world according to many surveys. But nevertheless: Two political parties in the Danish parliament call themselves eurosceptic. Over the years, many anti-EU organisations have been established in Denmark, for example People’s Movement against the EU and the June Movement. In July 2011, Denmark reinforced its borders with Germany by stationing more officers in an effort to halt the flow of illegal goods. The action has angered both Germany and Sweden.

Same with the UK. It is with a per capita income of 289.000 US-$ among the Top 10 of the richest countries in the world, nevertheless the population voted for the Brexit. Among the richest countries in the world one can find as well tiny Belgium with e per capita income of 271.000 US-$.

    • Germany is the best example of tolerance and democracy and Merkel believes in the European project.

Germany created the EU to control its fierce character, to be forced to act in solidarity and in accordance with France. In the last year the country has presented an impressive Economic development, but nevertheless populism also rises in Germany and the population gets more and more angry about Merkel´s refugee policy. But as a matter of fact the country has a historical low jobslogoand reduced public debt significantly in the last years.

    • Intercultural living together is enriching and globalisation creates opportunities

We easily forget about the advantages of borderless travelling within the EU, the comfort of one currency and the benefits of programs like Erasmus. We also forget about the 2 World Wars that started in Europe and how we learned in the last years to find solutions together, to compromise and to grow together, not just economically, but also as a continent. Europe is reference for students all over the world. Its security systems is praised and Europeans are known for being globetrotters. Most of the Italians, Germans or Danes speak many languages. They send their representatives to Brussels, but they can keep their national identity.

    • One currency makes trade easier, that way we all won.

The euro is not very popular in these days, but it helped all the export weak and inflation high countries like Spain or Italy to get their trade balances more or less in order. Germany still is the biggest exporter within in the EU, but it was that already before the EU.

    • Our kids grow up with different cultures and an idea of a superior unity apart from their nation

The EU prevented violent conflicts between member states and helped us all to be more reasonable, considering and open minded. Our kids are in their majority very proud to tell in the US, Canada, Australia or Asia that they are EUROPEANS.

When Trump talks about Cologne he surely does not even know where it is situated and just tries to make a cause against Germany. He is the best example of stupid politican and it is somehow sad that he is running one of the richest country in the world that is based on immigration. Europe is the mother of America, Trump should not forget that: