Deciding that you want to further your education and earn a degree means you will be opening all kinds of career doors in your future. While some degree programs are quite broad, others tend to be a bit more specific. Rutgers Online offers an online MMME degree program, which is ideal for those who have a passion for music. If the online master of music in music education program interests you then you will want to read on to find out what kind of careers it can lead to. This is just a small offering of the many careers you can enter.

Music Producer

A career as a music producer can be both exciting and challenging. In this job, you are responsible for recording, mixing, and then mastering the song. Often you will work alongside the artist and you may even need to help guide them.

Music Teacher

If you have a passion for music and want to share that passion with others, you may want to consider a career as a music teacher. Your degree would make it possible to teach grades K-12. Typically, you will be responsible for teaching music in class as well as teaching the choir, band, and orchestra if it applies. If you don’t want to work in a school setting you can always be a private music teacher and start your own business.

MMM degreeCruise Ship Entertainer

Why not take that degree and use it for a really unique career. If you choose to work as a cruise ship entertainer you will be working with a whole staff of entertainers aboard a ship, traveling to all kinds of fabulous destinations. Keep in mind that this can be very grueling work, but for many people it’s a great way to see the world.

Music Curator

Music curating is a job that doesn’t always pop into peoples’ minds, but it’s a job that is well worth considering. Typically, as a curator, you would work in a library or museum that has a music collection. You role is to put together the music as far as a loan arrangement goes, keeping the music documented and labelled, and making sure the music matches the needs of the exhibit or collection. Because this job is very varied, it can be a very interesting position.

Talent Scout with a music degree

How would you like to have a hand in what becomes popular and heard in the music industry? That’s exactly what a music scout is responsible for. It is their job to find talent that hasn’t yet been “discovered” and bring that artist to the attention of a record label. This means you have to be up on the latest trends in the music industry and be aware of what people are looking for.

Music degree leads to Many Careers

It’s not often that one single degree can lead to such various careers, but that’s exactly the case with an MMME degree. It could just be the perfect option for you.


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