Many companies or people in Europe are in a breakdown at the moment, either on a professionnal or private basis. A breakdown is a situation in which you realize you cannot continue like before, and you can´t go foreward as you had planned. It is a huge obstacle on the way to where you were going and it is a stiuation that you can´t ignore and need to pay attention to. Breakdowns occur regularly in our lives, whether we like it or not.

A breakdown doesn´t necessarily have to be negative. It can be meaningful for an indivicual but it is huge to deal with. An example would be a promotion in your company or a change in career: for example that you have left the environment of a multinational corporation and want to set up your own business.

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These are situations that many times are huge to deal with. These situations are breakdowns because they are a time when we can´t rely on experience anymore, as the environment or the rules of the game have changed. For these new situations we need to have the personal capability and the skill to deal with them. An example is when you have become appointed the director of an organisation with many people reporting to you – you simply do not have time to manage with your expertise and experience and you have to use other capabilities.

Steve Jobs on change and motivation:

Are you working hard on exhausting yourself in making the old game work,  (´work harder, do more´)?  Sometimes we need to let go of the old ways. We tend to hang on to our old framework. The first place to cope is ourselves. In a breakdown we have reactions. We have interpretative reactions, meaning we have an opinion about what is happening. This in turn triggers an emotional tone and a body reaction.

For example if we are left without a job in the new organisation. We might have negative opinions about what the job market looks like at the moment and this triggers fear (the emotional tone) of consecuences for our family. This in turns triggers our body to contract. And these reactions and attitude will not exactly help you in finding a new source of income!

Keep calm and start all over again

In order to deal with those, we need to have the capability to notice what is happening to ourselves, and not let us be controlled by our reactions. Make sure you separate your opinions from facts (some of my clients found a new job in a couple of months!), accept that you won´t go back to the old comfort zone, and find teamsor collaborators that can help you take on the new challenges.

Don´t fight to bring it back to what it was. Letting go makes room for new possibilities and new inspiration. Figure out what the new game is! Just like when we breathe: when we breath in we need to breath out!

Susanna Lindblom