By Sol Vallejo Oyarzun

The world of fashion is as fascinating as each designers mind. It is a journey towards parallel worlds, where each artist recreates their magical vision of what design means to them.

Everything revolves around transformative forms, bringing haute couture; to the creation of a universe where different textiles come to life. Bodies appear beautifully immersed en the craziness of each designer, and recreate their unique take on this art. To venture into this dreamy and wonderful cosmos, can really be an experience that takes us away from the earthly, to fly between volumes, cuts, folds, etc… If I had to disappear from this reality to arrive in the fascinating mind of a designer, I would say that Alexander McQueen made me feel an indescribable sensation, which made me want to study fashion. This magician of the needle made me emotional and made me feel passion for fashion.

Brits are not the best dressed people, but the have very good fashion designers: Lee Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen (Lewisham, 17 de Marzo 1969 – 11 de Febrero de 2010) was a British designer. He is known for having worked as chief designer for Givenchy from 1996 to 2001 and for founding his own brand, Alexander McQueen. His achievements in the fashion industry won him four prizes of British Fashion (1996,1997,2001,2003) as well as the International Designer of the Year award from the CFDA in 2003.

For me, Alexander McQueen, was the only designer who could capture the true beauty, which hides behind the darkness. He was a magician that created parallel worlds full of fantasy, monsters, and exotic surreal birds, princesses from imperial story tales, wild nature, futurist aliens strange creatures enveloped in mystery and beauty, etc. McQueen lived in another universe, that’s why for him reality seemed so empty; this is why he had the necessity to create utopic worlds, longed paradises. He was capable of escaping the earthly in all of his creations and make the most of his qualities as an artisan, magician and artist.

expo5Playing with the lights, recognizing the beauty of darkness

I deeply admire his work and his mind and I truly identify with him in many ways. His works made me deeply passionate for fashion; as I saw the worlds that could be created in this way, they seemed incredible, and this is why I decided to form part of this. McQueen was not a simple person; he must have been as complex and passionate as his inventions. His reality was so far away from that of other people’s, that he filled it with mysterious and extraordinary characters. As I studied each collection, I was more and more amazed by the capacity of this artist to transmit his sensations, yearnings, emotions, etc. One can observe this in each creation, that is, as the designer passes from romanticism to renaissance, to distortion and deformation; or from a world of aliens to a world of imperial princesses. The detail employed for each creation is such that it is like being in his mind.

Studying fashion in Spain: the country of lights and colours

In 2014 I began my journey within this beautiful world of design, as I joined the Instituto Artistico de Enseñanza (IADE), in Madrid. As I started gaining knowledge about each subject, I started to realise how amazing it would be to become a designer and to have the capacity to recreate creative ideas full of colours, dimensions, materials, etc. Not only did I fall in love with each project that I fulfilled, I also discovered another universe, that of photography. It was then that I realised, that I could fill the emptiness that I saw in reality not only through designing but also through images. My life changed radically and I felt how my mind drastically filled up with up with universes still to be discovered. I have always thought that words are beauty and life a poem, and that there must be some way to capture that and transform it into something mysterious and wonderful, creating an image.

I think that there are a thousand ways to be light; to be shade, but that there is always one that is the most delicate, the most radiant. I believe in the magic to discover what is behind that thing which at first could not be seen, but that exists. I believe in creation, and that life can be stopped in order to show it to the world and then recreate what each of us lives. I think there is colour even when seeing things in black and white, and that that colour is even more alive than the one you see, because this is where true beauty is hidden; the beauty of life, of people, of fantasies.

The picture< are from Sol Vaejo Oyarzun, a young photographer and fashion designer