The Master of Arts in Global Communications with a specialization in Fashion is designed for students who wish to focus on Fashion Communications within the context of the discipline of contemporary communications, and prepares students for careers in the global industry which is fashion today. 

This program offers students the advantage of studying fashion communications in Paris at the center of the tradition of luxury and haute couture while emphasizing global, multicultural, transnational possibilities embodied by the AUP student population and the already well-established MAGC program.

unnamedThe fashion industry has become an important actor in world social and economic development, yet too often fashion communications have been analyzed exclusively from the point of view of the Western fashion system, or alternatively have been dismissed as superficial or irrelevant. This specialization offers courses taught by theorists of fashion and professionals in the field and in related areas to supply students with an in-depth background applicable to careers in traditional fashion communications as well as in several expanding and cutting-edge aspects of the industry:

• The marketing of global luxury brands
• The rise of Ethical Fashion, including Cause-Related Marketing, Labor Behind the Label and Sustainable Consumption
• NGO Fashion and Textile Production for Sustainable Development
• Cultural implications of globalized fashion
• The Digital Revolution in Fashion Journalism and Marketing: Blogs and Websites
• Fashion Centers and Cities Worldwide

Students will be offered introductory background courses providing theories and models which will prepare them for study of specific fashion issues in modules taught by visiting professionals and researchers; this specialized knowledge will be supplemented by and integrated with their courses for the degree of Master of Arts in Global Communications.

As in the MAGC program, coursework can be completed in three semesters, including summer (courses offered in June and July), although the length of internship and thesis components may vary, as many students choose to take additional time for their internship/thesis.