Ibiza is beating this year all tourism records, but it is also the place where artists from all around the world find their summer arrangement. The Spanish island is full of musicians, dancers, actors, singers and everthing seems like a cheap version of Moulin Rouge. Party is the business in Ibiza, and the business seems to be easy in the summer months. During June, July and August the island is packed. And the people that come from all over the world, mainly Italy, Germany, France and the UK, look just for one thing: entertainment. 

Pacha Flower Power5Pacha is the core of the fun business in Ibiza

No one knows how to party better  than Pacha. 50 years ago in a village on the coast of Catalonia called Sitges, in the northeast of Spain, Ricardo Urgell created what is today the most important nightclub and entertaining group in Europe. Pacha  currently has nearly 2,200 employees, 10 nightclubs, 9 fashion boutiques, 4 different restaurants, 2 hotel concepts and a specific entertainment division, which includes a music label, events and festivals, a luxury charter boat and a lifestyle magazine. The Pacha Group’s total turnover in 2015 was 78 million euros, with a annual net profit of approximately 11 million euros and an investment of 1 million euros for the entire group. The company expects to increase its turnover in 2016 by 8 to 10%.

Flower Power is the biggest nightclub in Europe, allowing 4000 persons every day to dance and go crazy. You will find here teenie groups, sexy dancers and old hippies. The more sophistaced version of entertainment is Lio, the spectacle restaurant, where up to 400 people can watch every day an unique show. The castings for the Lio are organized in Madrid and the whole show is managed by the Spanish comedian and entertainer: Joan Grácia from Tricicle. Every day is different and therefore the turnover of artists is enormous. 

Pacha as an employer is promising: Up to 85 new establishments

Pacha Flower Power4The Pacha Group’s 2025 strategic expansion plan foresees the inauguration of 85 new establishments including hotels and resorts, restaurants and nightclubs. 2016 is also turning out to be crucial to the expansion of the Pacha Group in Europe. The company is immersed in researching and assessing markets in countries like the UK, Germany, France and Italy, as well as proactively seeking local partners and locations. These new establishments will operate under a Franchise Management formula. 

Young people from all over the world have a unique chance in Ibiza: They can learn and have fun at the same time. Pacha has its own DJ school where more and more women study. The Pacha Group like many other establishments as Sublimotion needs every year new creative and multilingual talents for their marketing, their shows and gastronomy.  

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