Sometimes you get the feeling, that in Spain it is not possible to be in a bad mood. The light, which is brightening up the autumn, brings everyone to shine. Because of the perfect blue sky a winter depression seems to be impossible. Approaching All Hallows will not be a grey one. The coldness in the morning will be absorbed by the rays of sun in the afternoon, the life still takes place outside – enormous luxury. The days are longer than in Germany, because the sun sets very late.

Spanish joy is good for health and working ambience

But it is not only the weather which makes me realize, why it is likeable to live here, but also the kind gestures of the Spanish people. For example recently in the hospital: I had to follow a diet but was very hungry and my wallet was completely empty. It has been quite late and I could not hope that someone of my family would bring me food. AnaLongIslandSo I crept down to the Cafeteria and begged for a bocadillo. I pulled out my money card, but they had no machine. “Don´t  worry, chica, it´s alright”, said the man behind the bar. He saw my hungry face and commiserated with me. I put the bread under my shirt and crept back to my room.

Even the high level of corruption can not destroy the joyful character of Spaniards

Also at a kiosk a man helped out, because I needed 50 Cents to buy a newspaper and I admire also the cabdriver, who drove of the car of my parents across Madrid for free to show them the way. He deserves a decoration. Another example is the Spanish woman who explained patiently to another woman from Columbia how the parking machine worked and finally took her own money out of her pocket to reduce the queue behind them.Madrid

I was just in Berlin, same thing happened at the S-Bahn-station, 10 cents were missing and I had to asked the girl behind me for 10 cents. “I give them to you for free”, she said as if that was very generous. Another kind gesture happened just some days ago in Madrid: It was my fault when I knocked my orange juice over my trousers, but the waiter not only brought a new one without objection, but also a cloth and soap. Then he explained patiently how to get out the stains.

It does not matter whether in Catalonia, Galicia or in Andalusia, the human warmth is one of the most important characteristics in Spain. It connects the country across borders of language and forced cultural identy. These moments, in which nobody thinks about gain and efficiency, belong to the Spanish character. Maybe they can be annoying when you work with Spaniards, but they enrich the life, because time is measured differently, because time is not only money. Usually the people have enough time, sometimes too much, they lose themselves in senseless talk, are late etc., but this kind of handling with time is mostly a benefit.

You can only hope that the generousness of these kind gestures won´t become lost.