Below we give you a list of the best addresses for getting support on an entrepreneurial project. Discover all the services from the City of Paris to help you create and run a business.  The French can be funny with their language, but they are very good in doing business. From Paris you can conquer the world.

5 business supporters in Paris

    • The “Paris Développement”  agency is supported by Paris City Council. It is formed of a hundred or so members: large firms, innovative new businesses, property and financial companies, and key players in Parisian economic life. “Paris Développement” helps you to expand your business in Paris.

Paris Développement runs business incubators and a special City of Paris incubator. As part of this work, the agency supports innovative new businesses in the first years of their development – diagnostic checks, coaching, individual monitoring and networking with the innovation ecosystem. It offers an entrepreneur support programme with conferences, training, mentoring and organising prizes. Paris Développement contributes to the international promotion of Paris and its metropolitan area, and helps with foreign businesses with prospecting. It provides expansion advice to foreign businesses that are already established in Paris or are considering setting up there, covering areas such as premises, funding and administrative solutions. These actions take place in partnership with the Invest in France Agency, the Regional Development Agency and the City of Paris.

There are six business and employment centres called Maisons des Entreprises et de l’Emploi (MDEE) in the capital. These centres for information and advice on employment assistance and business creation schemes in the capital offer:

The MDEE’s offer a complete diagnostic check of your business plan (viability, commercial, legal and financial aspects), as well as advice on technical aspects and compiling your Aide à la création d’entreprise (ACRE – application for business start-up assistance).

Located in the Bastille district, this organisation is dedicated to the development of creative businesses in the sectors of art, fashion and design. Ateliers de Paris offers exposure, economic support, training and an incubator, and is also a real network providing a complete support programme for creative professionals, either in-house or extra-mural, and a range of events in Faubourg Saint-Antoine and outside (Carré des Ateliers de Paris, Place de la Bastille, pop-up shop at 104…).

The Résidence des Ateliers de Paris is an incubator and a support structure for business start-up plans. For a period of six months (renewable once), it hosts project developers and supports them in starting up their business. Applicants are selected by a committee that meets whenever the premises become vacant. They must prove that they have strong creative potential, technical mastery, and a sound career plan.

    • Espace Commerce Culturel (Cultural Business Space)

Located on 24 rue des Ecoles in the 5th arrondissement (5e), this new facility of the City of Paris is aimed at supporting independent bookshops and publishers and promoting the vitality of cultural businesses in Paris.The Espace Commerce Culturel provides reception, support and information to help people with their business plans, offering economic, legal and social assistance to entrepreneurs in the cultural sector. This includes individual interviews with specialist consultants and/or group workshops on the themes of management, marketing and communication.

The Boutiques de Gestion are designed to promote and support the creation and development of small businesses, encourage individual initiatives, support creative professionals throughout their projects and monitor new businesses. They also provide advice to business owners and offer specially tailored training courses.

  • MDEE 13: Free legal and accounting assistance

There is a free service for Parisian business owners in difficulty to talk with honorary magistrates from the Paris Commercial Court free of charge. It takes place every Wednesday morning at the MDEE in the 13th arrondissement.