“According to statistics, Germany as a host country for exchange students is usually ranked third or fourth worldwide”, says Dr. Christian Thimme (DAAD). Thimme is the Head of the group “Internationalisation of Universities” at DAAD. Currently there are about 185,000 exchange students from foreign countries studying at German universities, which represents 8.3% of students in the country.

But why is Germany a favourite place for exchange students? There is more than one good reason for studying in Germany, and Thimme knows each of them. “The international student barometer ISB is a survey, where 17, 000 students worldwide are asked about their reasons for studying in other countries. Due to this, 97% of those who went to study in Germany stated that they were attracted by the high international reputation and quality of research, teaching and service at German universities”.

Another reason is the lack of tuition fees at nearly all German universities, which makes studying in Germany much cheaper than in Anglo-American countries. “A lot of students also value the cultural offers and high security standards of living here” explains Thimme “Furthermore, the quality of student tutoring has improved within recent years and most exchange students feel very welcome in their stay.” And last but not least: students often have high prospective of work in Germany after their exam.