by Susana Lindblom

What is the secret of successful entrepreneurs? Why is it that some people are able to live their dream and not others, even though they had the same dream? 7 advices. 

7 advices to be a successfull entrepreneur

  1. First of all, successful entrepreneurs manage their emotions. Why is it important to pay attention to our emotions? Emotions act as a filter  to how we perceive the world and the possibilities that are available to us and as a result,  the actions that we take. For example, we tend to take different actions when we feel joy and hopeful about the future as opposed to when we feel sad.
  2. An entrepreneur needs to be able to continue when things get difficult and when he/she feels like giving up, and not get caught in feelings like deception, resentment, resignation or panic.
  3. In addition, emotions affect the energies that we radiate and how we show up for other people. They affect our bodies and how other people perceive us. Negative feelings tend to produce a tense body that feels threatening to other people – and who wants to buy anything from a person who feels threatening?
  4. Successful entrepreneurs connect their action to what they care about and that´s where their focus is. Therefore, to start with, it is important to chose a business that we feel passionate about.  It is easy to do a good job when we care about the result. In addition, it is attractive for other people  to be around people who care – there is a certain energy and vitality about them that we like.
  5. On the contrary, if we feel that someone is in a business for the money, we tend not to trust that person to make an offer that takes care of our concern. It is rather the opposite. We, perhaps unconsciously, think that person is in this business for him/herself  and will make offers to satisfy him/herself.
  6. Successfull entrepreneurs play a bigger game than that. The game of successful entrepreneurs is not an egotistical game but a game of making offers  that other people find value in and that help them take care of their concerns and créate a better life for themselves.
  7. To be an entrepreneur is not easy.  It requires awareness and knowledge about oneself to overcome the obstacles that will come in our way. On the other hand it is very rewarding: the freedom to dedicate myself to what I care about, make offers that change other people´s lives to the better and on top of that, make a living out of it.

Can life be better than that?