How can we guarantee a sustainable society with the economy in a downturn? Will we support our neighbours’ fight for democracy, or will we watch from the sidelines? Will we be able to uphold our democracies when populists try to bend the law to their will? Will we vanquish the financial turmoil by harmonising our economic policies?

The European Green Summer University will offer a forum to all those who want an open and sustainable Europe, a Europe united in solidarity, a Europe strong for its citizens, and responsible to the world. It brings together Green-minded people to share ideas, engage in debates, and enjoy themselves in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The Green European Foundation organises and supports a range of Green summer universities all around Europe.

Learn about how to be sustainable

  1. Green Summer Academy

| Budapest, Hungary | 3-5 July

  1. Journées d’Été des Écologistes

Europe Écologie Les Verts | Lille, France | 20-22 August |

  1. ECOLO Rencontre Écologiques d’Été

Etopia | Massembre, Belgium | 27-30 August |

  1. GROEN European Summer Days

Groen | Nieuwpoort, Belgium | 28-30 August