Interflugs is an heterogeneous group, our members position themselves as white, migrants, Kanacken, and PoC.  As a self-organized institution within the University of the Arts Berlin, Interflugs promotes self-organized, non-commercial projects and initiatives. The aim is to support inter- and cross-disciplinary projects, developed both within and outside the context of the university.  Interflugs is especially interested in ideas and concepts that reflect social and political relevance.

Interflugs funds material costs with a maximum of 250€ per project. We can also provide assistance in facilitating spaces, equipment, etc.

That’s how the financial part works for the social projects:

In­ter­flugs it­self can’t trans­fer money to you di­rectly, but we reimbourse ma­te­r­ial costs of the sup­ported pro­jects. Food and travel costs can’t be re­funded. The re­ceipts should be in­stances of cash-pay­ments.