London, Berlin, Hamburg or Dublin are known as melting pots of different music styles. Many international musicians  have played in these cities before becoming famous…. but making  a living on music in Madrid? Becoming famous in Spain with English songs? With Rock instead of Flamenco? interviewed the young Spanish band: Pervy Perkin, a mix of rock, electronic music and heavy metal. The young, for the moment completly male group, was founded in 2011. The Spaniards call their style “progressive rock/metal”. The  band is originated in Murcia, but one of its founders Dante came sometime ago to Madrid, “because in Spain it is the place to be as a musician”.  Three of the band members – Pablo, Dante and Alex- talk about their experience to work, study and making music in Madrid.

You all studied in the first place to become an engineer or scientist, then you stopped or switched your studies, some of you started a very common job like administrative at the airport while trying to become “famous” with your band. What made you believe that you could become a professional musician?

Alex (Keyboard & singer, with the glasses & beard): When you think, dream and write about music all the time, there is no other way than to become a musician. I work at the airport in Madrid during the day to earn money, but at night I have to do what I really think is my profession: making music.Promo 1

Dante (guitar): You also realize that your studies – I wanted to become an astronaut – at a certain point are boring compared to what you thought was your hobby. At a certain point you have to decide what you want to be in life and I cannot imagine anything else than composing and playing music. I finance my life for the moment as an administrative in the Madrid subway company.

Pablo (bass with the red sweater): I am still studying, but I switched from engineering to audiovisual  communication that helps us more to promote our music. It is not an easy decision one has to take and I have to admit that I didn´t tell my father right from the beginning htat I wanted to be a musican….

You just launched your second IMG_9745album, ToTeM. How did you finance it and how did you find a distributor?

Dante: You have to prefinance the recording & production and then organize the distribution yourself. We sell digital versions and also Cds. It is a bit the same than in the book industry. We sell mostly in concerts and online.

Alex: We have to organize everything on our own that makes us not just musicians, but also PR-experts, graphic designers and big networkers, accountants etc…

Is it not very difficuilt to sell an album with songs that last somethimes  20 minutes? 

Pablo: Yes it is, but we do not want to be commercial. We sing poetic stories and sometimes they are long..

But yo want to make a living with it, no?

Pablo: We believe that we can be successful without being mainstream. It is true that in my case, I still live with my mother and have not that many expenses. Probably I still can afford this kind of attitude right now and in a future I have to think probably more commercial.  But for the moment we enjoy so much what we do.

Dante: We know that we have to deal with the fact that we have like double lifes and no luxury for the moment. Everything we earn we reinvest in instruments, promotion or concert tours. We sell the music that we want to listen to. From the first album that we launched in 2014 we sold about 400 copies. Of course we still need to sell much more to make ke a living.

Is Madrid the right place to be for progressive rock/metal and music bands in general?

Dante: Yes. It is better than Barcelona. And of course much better than Murcia. There are also good concert halls in Madrid  like Sala Caracol or Honky Tonk where we already played. But of course it is easier to organize concerts in Sevilla or Jaén than in the capital. We are still a not a very known band.

Is Spain the right place for rock musicians?

Alex: In Germany and the UK they like very much our music style, we can see that from the visits to our web- Facebook page, but we also have many fans in Spain. For the moment we do not look for massive markets. We have a very high quality standard and get recognized for that. For the moment we are fine with that.

Who are your music idols? Who influenced your music?

Alex and Dante: Prince, Queen.. there are so many.. But our style is unique. We tell fantasy stories like in a book, but with a very good music background.

By Stefanie Claudia Müller and Victoria Vallejo (Fotos)