By: Adrianna Rodriguez 

The meaning of life: a topic debated since the beginning of time. Many like to believe in the notion of destiny and the fact that everyone being on the earth has one to fulfill in their lifetime. However, is this just a beautiful blanket in which we like to cover the mediocrity we call life? Are we like all the animals in the world where our meaning to existence is just to live, eat, sleep, and die?

The winner of four awards from the Academy of Film in Sweden, ‘Come Duerme Muere,’ touches on this theme. Rasa, played by Nermina Lukac, is the breadwinner in her family working at a lettuce factory and providing for her father, played by Milan Dragisic, who cannot work because of his bad back. When Rasa loses her job, her father goes to Norway to find work to provide for his daughter. Back at home, Rasa tries to find work but is faced with the realities of the economic crisis in Europe.

‘Come Duerme Muere’ is authentic in every single moment of the film. Directed, written, and edited by Gabriela Pichler, this movie is a bucket of cold water the idealization of what the world thinks Sweden to be. Compared to the green meadows and beautiful fountains images that we usually see associated with Sweden, the only green think we see in this movie is the packaged lettuce in the factory where Rasa works. Everything else is brown, dirty, and dry.

Although in an incredibly hard situation, Rana and her father stay strong throughout the entire movie. At every obstacle, the characters seem to either persevere or find another way, never giving up. Their dedication to survival and to each other is incredibly inspiring. This movie teaches the true value in close friends and family, demonstrating that a person can never lose everything as long as they are surrounded by the people they love. And that is what is more to life than to just eat, sleep, and die.