The German International School of Paris has been a German School Abroad acknowledged and supported by the Federal Republic of Germany since 1958. It prepares pupils for the “Allgemeine Hochschulreife” (German leaving certificate recognised as university entrance) and the bilingual “AbiBac” (double qualification in German and French). Universities in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States are open to our graduates.

German language is gaining fans

The school is governed by the “Deutscher Schulverein in Paris“, which finances its activities through tuition paid by the parents and financial contributions by the Federal Republic of Germany. All parents at the school are invited to join this society in order to take an active part in the school’s business.

The tuition language is German. Foreign languages (German, French, English and Spanish) are taught monolingually. Some subjects are taught in two languages. The “Abi-Bac” programme implies lessons in French. German and French are taught as native and as a foreign language. A further chance for individual variation lays in the option between a branch for languages and a branch for science in the “Oberstufe” (upper school). Computer sciences are taught as part of various subjects.

High quality teaching according to the German school system

The teaching staff is chosen according to strict criteria. Regular further education – partly in the network of German Schools Abroad – is an inherent part of the personnel management. The Federal Republic supports this assurance of quality by dispatching 12 selected teachers (including the head of the school), which complement the local teachers and consistently give important impulses.

Theatrical presentations, concerts, readings, literary days, parties, festivities and balls, guest performances, cultural cooperation with French and other partners – the iDSP organises high class events for a German, French and international audience.