by Victoria Vallejo Fuccella

I never thought I would be able to write an article in English, yet here I am. English is not my first language obviously but it’s the one I express myself with best. Studying sucks, but is learning languages worth it? Yes, it really is.

Imagine you finish school in your country, lets say Spain for example, and you do your final exams all in Spanish and some English. Your CV is not going to stand out. If instead of just Spanish and English, you also learned German and French, your opportunities just doubled.


Languages open doors

When you are young, you have infinite time to learn languages. Use that opportunity and learn everything you can because in the future, the more you know, the more doors will open for you. Don’t let languages be a barrier. Basically everyone I know wants at some point in their lives go and do something abroad. Might very well be a master or a career or work or maybe just a gap year. If you speak a lot of languages, you can travel wherever you want to.

Travelling is so important and I say this from a personal point of view. It’s amazing finding out how people around the world live compared to you. You get a much wider perspective and you learn new things everywhere you go. Each person finds their own reasons to learn languages in the end. My father for instance loves the Arabic cultures so in the afternoons while he drinks his daily tea (yes, he thinks he’s English) he learns to read and write in Arabic and for him it’s not even something obligatory, but more something that will enlarge his culture. This is also a way we should look at languages, not only something necessary but also a way of enjoyment or an entertainment.