In order to succeed on the German job market, German universities‘ foreign graduates must possess sufficient employability skills. The required skills include skills to find employment, such as job search and application skills; and competencies to succeed at the workplace such as interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity and work management skills and business acumen. Currently, though many initiatives to improve the career success of foreign graduates exist, employability skills are taught inconsistently and often not sufficiently.

Germany is a favourite destination, but it is not easy for foreigners to enter the labour market

This is evident in surveys and employment statistics: While up to 80 percent of students wish to stay in Germany to work after graduation, merely 25 percent successfully enter full-time employment. According to the “Hochschulbildungsreport 2020” of the Stifterverband and McKinsey (2015), the cost of educating one successful foreign job market entrant is about three times as expensive as educating a native German one.

The Employability Skills MOOC was developed in 2015 to provide a scalable and flexible resource for learning employability skills. The MOOC platform allows candidates, students and graduates to learn anytime, anywhere together with others with similar goals. The course is improved continually on the basis of teaching observations, participant feedback and external evaluations.

The target group are graduates of industrially relevant fields such as engineering and business administration; however, the themes and contents are rather generic and suitable to a broad audience.

The course

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