This is a list of the Top Ten of unsual degrees proving that if you aren’t exactly blown away by your bog standard History course in the first semester, you have plenty of options…

1. DJ Practice

You can spend three years of your life learning how to DJ. This degree isn’t just scratch and beats, though, you’ll learn plenty of “theoretical study in the techniques & technologies” of the DJ scene. You’ll get a diploma in DJ-ing at the end! It’s taught by University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) , but at the School of Sound campus in London.

You can find more about this DJ degree in London on UCLan’s website.

2. Ophthalmic Dispensing

City University London has a Foundation Degree entirely dedicated to training people in how to fit lenses into glasses. According to them “this course leads to a rewarding career as a dispensing optician” which clearly falls under my “oddly specific degrees” category. If you ever wondered what kind of degree the girls in labcoats that work in Specsavers have, well this is it.

Anyway, this is the Ophthalmic Dispensing foundation degree website.

3. Hand Embroidery

The University for the Creative Arts’ whole thing is highly specialised degrees for people with a creative disposition. From fine arts to fashion and design, there are a number of niche degrees, but this one is my favourite by far: it’s a BA degree in Hand Embroidery. This might come as a surprise to you, or it might not, but it’s the only degree in Hand Embroidery in the UK.

4. Urban Dances

The University of East London (UEL) has a degree called “Dance: Urban Practices” for those aspiring choreographers and teachers. You can study styles of dancing from all over the world, including hip-hop, street, Capoeira, and Bollywood. I only have one issue with this degree: nothing sounds less street-y than taking a street class. I mean, what kind of cred. does that give you?

5. Podiatry

UEL hits a second strike with a degree in Podiatry. This nearly-medicine degree will allow you to spend the full three years of your university life looking at, studying, treating and touching feet. I’m not judging, but you know. According to UEL, “the main strength of the UEL Podiatry programme is the integration and application of theory with practice.”

6. Disaster Management

Kingston University prepares you to learn the science behind all those 90s blockbusters you watched in your tweens – including Dante’s Peak, Hard Rain, and Twister. I don’t think they’ll be able to teach you the science behind Sharknado, but that’s because – well, there isn’t any. Either way, here it is: BSc in Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management.

7. Pop Music

There are a surprising number of Colleges, Institutes and Universities in London offering a degree in Popular Music to all you MTV enthusiasts. Mind you, many of these courses draw lessons from several different styles including rock, folk and jazz but they’re centred around Pop. If you’re interested, check out: Goldsmiths’ Popular Music BMus degree, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance’s BMus in Popular Music Performance, Middlesex’s Popular Music, and  the more international SOAS Global Popular Music degree.

8. History of Ideas

Goldsmiths’ College takes a really specific look at history. Ever felt like studying the whole of human history through the ideas that fuelled it? It sounds a little bit nerdy but will probably come in handy every time you get called to be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Check it out, BA in History and the History of Ideas

9. Property Development

University of Greenwich offers a whole degree for people interested in Property design and development. About this course, the university states a rather general “Graduates from this programme are equipped to work on major projects with numerous and varied organisations.” But hey! London’s property scene is booming on all fronts, so this sounds like a cracker.

BA in Property Development and Management

10. Animal Management

By far the most tempting of the lot, brought to you by the University of Hertfordshire: Animal Management. A Foundation course for people who are not “quite ready for university” according to the University itself. This course, will give you the knowledge and skills for a successful career within the animal industry.

I’m not saying these degrees in London aren’t worth doing – I just think they prove how awesome London is, because you can (almost) literally study anything there.

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