by Grace Gulino

L’Officiel, the iconic French fashion magazine, released a list of 250 people who rule the fashion world and what companies they are associated with. Europe is home to many fashion companies that are known all around the world. Versace, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are just a few of the popular designer brands that are easily recognisable in any country.

Fashion Culture in Europe

In Europe, around 1.7 million people work in the fashion industry, making it an noticeable industry that affects the overall economy. Fashion and style in general is an important part of European culture, so it is no wonder why 185.000 companies

When people think of “fashion,” the first things that come to mind are designers and models. However, there are many other careers within the industry that contribute to its success. If you are looking to join the world of fashion, you will likely have to work your way up as in any other industry, but it is important to note that brand ambassadors, store manager and social media heads have importance.

Other Careers in the Industry

With the popularity of social media, companies large and small can market their products on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Those with experience in public relations and social media can find work here and will be an asset in sharing current information about the companies.

Positions such as retail store managers and brand ambassadors are also key to the industry. Without them, the brands would not be promoted and it would not have a relationship with the public.

Even working as an assistant to an editor-in-chief at a fashion related publication can be a way to become a part of the world, and can definitely help if you are seeking a higher level job in the future.

Though most of the careers listed can be seen as “entry level jobs,” they are also very important and contribute to the success and popularity of fashion in Europe, and around the world. It is possible to be an important part of the fashion industry and not be a designer or a model.

Major Companies in Europe

There are a few companies within Europe that are considered the best to work for based on the friendliness of the staff, hours employees must work and dedication to success. There are also companies that dominate the industry in Europe because of their many retail locations and how they are liked by the public.

Inditex employs over 140.000 workers worldwide, giving it the title of largest apparel retailer company and making it a very valuable brand. It has ownership over Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti and others. Zara is also known to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of fabrics and textiles. Based in Spain, the chain has has around 800 stores in Europe alone.

Zara in specific hires employees believing that they will one day be company leaders. They are always looking for entrepreneurs, as well as associates, to help the already successful brand to grow even more. According to a press release by Inditex, they generated 15,800 new jobs in 2015, 4,120 of which were in Spain alone. The company attributes its boosted success in part to the “quality and commitment of all of its employees.” They are committed to always improving their technology and making their work environment pleasant for employees, which leads to its further growth.

Finding a job within a major company like Inditex is a way to become a part of the fashion world, and find success in it, without having to design or model.