Yes, London is cool, but also tricky. Watch out for these 5 things, when you plan to work in the English capital.

1.The Tube is expensive, but there’s ways around it. Cycling, for example, is getting increasingly more popular. Travel cards can save you a lot of money if you commute every day. And even if its price is shocking, the service offered by the tube is sometimes gobsmackingly effective: from tube trains passing every minute to seamlessly interconnecting tube lines across a single platform.

2. Lunches will become ridiculously dull. Unless you’re reasonably rich, or have a lot of time to spare for lunch, this will become a fact of life. Once you’ve exhausted the entire menu of Pret, Wasabi and Itsu, what at first seemed like wonderful variety will soon transform into tear-jerking monotony. Getting into the habit of cooking for yourself in advance might be the best alternative.
3. People in London are a bit like the climate. It’s not just the weather that’s cold. It’s true – a lot of work environments in the UK can seem cutthroat and tense. This isn’t necessarily a sign of animosity, but rather results from a culture in which work and life are very clearly defined, something which can seem unusual for people working there for the first time.
4. Dress-down Fridays is a thing. It’s becoming ever-more popular and normal for people to turn up at work in more casual attire at the end of the week – you’ll immediately notice and more relaxed atmosphere which can only inevitably end up at the pub.
5. Going out in London is very diverse. There’s endless ways to spend your evenings. Some of these might be more traditional, such as visiting London’s myriad art galleries or going to the National Theatre. At the BFI you can sit back and enjoy an independent movie, whilst with Goodgym you can spend the evening exercising while doing good. However, you may also be surprised by the characteristic British reclusiveness of returning straight home afterwork, leaving the streets all but empty – until Friday evening arrives.