Together with the HTW Berlin we would like you to participate in this survey. Please copy these questions in an email and send them directly to the HTW student that is leading this survey of, Rolf Schulz: It will take you less than a minute and it is anonymous. 


A new concept has been introduced for recruiting professionals in Europe, which is the Video-CV. It lasts 2 minutes at most, and is similar to a cover letter. Once a candidate passes the first barriers of the paper CV, the HR Department will be able to watch the Video-CV.

Through this Video, companies can learn the candidate’s personal profile and compare it with what the job position requires. If the profile is a good match, the organization can invite to the candidate for a personal interview. This new procedure will reduce the recruitment process time because it can focus on a smaller number of candidates, and considering that a personal interview may last at least 15 minutes, the Video CV can help make the process more time efficient by focusing on the best candidates.

Video CV

  1. Do you believe this new concept can contribute to enhancing the recruitment process?


Yes                                                                 No


  1. Would you be open to using this new service?


Yes                                                                 No


  1. How much do you think this service should cost?


Unlimited access for 1 month


• The service includes the publication of the company’s profile and the job offer on the website

€ ___________



  1. Which commercial sector does your company belong to?


5. Your company is classified as:


Enterprise    Large    Medium   Small     Micro



  1. What kind of contract does your company usually offer?


Full-time      Part-time



  1. How often does the company looks for new employees?


Monthly        Quarterly      Semi-annual        Annually