When we older it is not well seen to be curious, but without questioning, without doubting and debating social and economic progress is impossible. Education is an open and not a closed process. Erik Shonstorm explains in his book “Wild curiosity” how important is to adapt school and university education to “curiosity”: “We have to stimulate the process of “wondering”.”

We need new teachers in the educational system

That means that we need completely different teachers, because the broad mayority can not quit from the programme that they learned, they do not like children that ask questions. Shonstorm also underlines the importance of empathy in education. He believes that the feeling for the way of thinking of others and how to adapt to the needs of others should be teached as part of an emotional intelligence. He refers to the ability of kids to connect to their surrounding, to nature and that lateron in the process of growing up we loose this ability: “But we should never loose it. It is not part of maturity to loose wild curiosity.”

Not curiosity for what others do, but curiosity for life

He critizes that in age of Social Media we have become curious for what people do in Facebook or on Twitter, but we not curious for life anymore. We prefer to live in a virtual world, then live the dangers of the real world and nature. Shonstorm believes that education has to educate “Thinkers” and not just “Followers”.



Wild Curiosity

Erik Shonstorm

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