By Grace Gulino, Madrid

In the United States more than anywhere else, it is not uncommon to see celebrities running for political office, or involved in politics in general. Most recently, Donald Trump is the celebrity that has been attracting attention with his presidential campaign in the United States. He is commonly known for his part on the reality TV show, “The Apprentice,” and for establishing Trump Entertainment Resorts. His success raises the question: What do you need to study to become a good politician.

To be a celebrity is not enough

In comparison, hardly ever do celebrities run for political office in European countries. It is not to say that celebrities have not tried to earn a political office, but none of them seem to be as high-profile, or draw as much attention to themselves, as Schwarzenegger and Trump.

An important aspect to notice is that those who hold office, especially celebrities, did not always go to university to study political science. There are plenty of businessmen and economists and others that have chosen to enter the political arena because they are motivated, not simply because it was their focus at their university.

#Berlin #graffiti of the day: "out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing - there is a place - I' ll meet you THERE!" words by #rumi - Foto by Deike Ricardo :) -

#Berlin #graffiti of the day: “out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing – there is a place – I’ ll meet you THERE!” words by #rumi – Foto by Deike Ricardo 🙂 –

Learning Politics in Europe

There are many schools in Europe that teach classes about political science and ways to be a better politician. The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Sciences Po in Paris and Freie Universität in Berlin all have renowned political science programs, where much research is done to best teach students about the subject of political science.

With advanced technology and hands-on learning techniques being utilized in universities across Europe, students are able to learn all aspects of European political life and policies. The courses prepare them well if they have the intention of becoming a part of the political world in Europe.

A Political Science Degree Isn’t Always Necessary

To attempt to become a politician, one does not necessarily need to attend a university and study politics. European celebrity politicians, such as Silvio Berlusconi, and even Donald Trump have a background in business education, but not in political education.

In order to become a notable politician and run in an election, the most important quality to have is the motivation and the calling to run. And more and more profund ethics. This is not always something that can be taught to students in a university, which highlights the importance of having the want to learn politics, but also have the drive to become a part of the political world.