Are you looking for a Phd Scholarship? The London South Bank University or LSBU, formally known as the Borough Polytechnic Institute, is a public university based out of Southwark London, United Kingdom. The university saw its start as the Borough Polytechnic Institute back in 1892 with the goal to help promote industrial skills, the health and well-being of men and women alike, as well as general knowledge. The university still holds true to its core values as well as adding more values along the way, as PhD Scholarships. The main goal of the university is to be able to yield graduates that are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s thriving workplace. In order to do this LSBU offers a number of undergraduate as well as PhD Scholarships to help assist in financial means.

PhD scholarships rules

Vice Chancellor’s PhD Scholarships offers up to £48,000 to be put towards postgraduate studies.

    • Excellence Award: this Scholarship gives a full fee waiver to any postgraduate programme as well as £1,000 bursary. The minimum requirements for selection include having achieved first-class honours in their undergraduate studies and can show proof of academics, as well as practical and professional achievements.
    • Merit Award: this Scholarship allows for a £1,000 bursary with an added £1,000 awarded upon graduating with merit from your postgraduate programme. Some additional criteria is needed such as having maintained at least a 2.1 GPA from undergraduate studies. The applicant must also show evidence of entrepreneurial or extra-curricular activities.
    • Alumni Award: this Scholarship allows for a £1,000 bursary. The minimum requirements for this Scholarship is having obtained at least a 2.1 GPA in undergraduate studies from LSBU and can show satisfactory evidence of personal achievements in extra-curricular activities.
    • Research award: this Scholarship allows for a £1,000 bursary that is normally presented to students that are starting PhD, MPhil, or other professional doctorate programmes at LSBU that are in need of PhD Scholarships.
    • Community Award: this Scholarship gives £1,000 bursary. The minimum requirements to achieve this Scholarship is at least a 2.2 GPA in undergraduate studies for any university as well as be able to prove that the applicant has made a contribution to the local community in Lambeth, Lewisham, or Southwark or involvement in a specified community volunteering, projects, or additional civic engagements.

The application deadline is on 10th July 2016, and it is open to International applicants.