Anyone who has one’s eye on an MBA has to think ahead first: Where can I work after it and what do I want to achieve? Before you set about a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you should ask yourself one of the most important questions: Which employers best suit my career? Sometimes the company is sponsoring a scholarship and in return of a contract agreement. In all other cases you should carefully consider to which companies an MBA will open the door and see if the desired company needs graduates with an MBA.

Where studying a MBA?

As some employers already have a shortlist of business schools from they prefer to recruit people with an Master of Business Administration (MBA). Before choosing the cadre, you are well advised to inquire the targeted companies whether they hire from any specific MBA educational institution. For example, some consultancies have preferences for certain business schools. The top ranked European schools are all Spanish: IE, IESE and Esade. Have a look here.

Networks are the biggest assets you get from MBA’s. Switzerland is the place to be.

While in Spain Business Schools are also important because of the networks, Swiss companies are also the largest employers for MBA graduates. But there are exceptions. Therefore, you only find a few people with an MBA in the strongly nationally oriented companies such as Migros and Coop. Thus, the larger and global the company is, the higher the probability that MBA graduates are recruited.

Not infrequently people with an MBA, after a successful career at a Group or SMEs, change to self-employment. They cannot rely only on their own professional network, but also on the alumni organization of their Business School respectively to provide support such as SAMBAplus.

These alumni networks not only supply valuable contact information, but also access to relevant training. Especially when companies cut spending on internal training, alumni organizations make available valuable benefits. For example, SAMBAplus offers to its members about 60 events and luncheons in a year, the chance to acquire new knowledge and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Think about where you want to go and the choose the MBA in the right place

Rather, the goal determines the path. When choosing the MBA program and the career will address yourself, thereafter not necessarily the journey is the reward. Questions should always be thinking ahead:

  1. With which employer do I want to work after my training?
  2. What do I want to achieve in business? Will I continuously keep on educating myself?
  3. How do I expand my professional network?
  4. How do I prepare for unexpected professional challenges such as job loss or job relocation?

An MBA can be the beginning and the foundation of an exciting career. As on any trip, it is the appropriate preparation that makes the difference.

by Benno Marbach, founder and President, Swiss Association of MBAs (SAMBAplus) Horw LU.


Companies in Switzerland with the most MBA graduates: