by Silvia Mingarelli

I am from Italy and I have decided to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Spain with the Host company “Planet BPM connecting Europe”, just been awarded for their good work. It appealed to me to have the opportunity to get a support from a more experienced entrepreneur, and interact with a team who has already started its business and has something to teach me. I think it’s a great occasion to develop an international cut by working alongside with an entrepreneur from another country.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: What counts is the experience

Learning the Spanish way.. taking tapas.-.

Learning the Spanish way.. taking tapas.-.

Furthermore, it is important for me to be in this programme because I can share views with a partner who has more experience than I, and I can collaborate with a professional who can teach me a lot about the job we do. Moreover, the possibility to benefit from on-the-job training it is an important factor for the success of this programme. In addition, I believe that we have both earned an international perspective, something that it is vital for me as I work in the field of foreign languages and international relations; along with gaining valuable skills and experience by spending time with a highly qualified entrepreneur.

The programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a good investment to bring the EU closer

I believe that in this exchange of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs we have promote entrepreneurship and helped reviving economy. In specific, I consider that this opportunity has enhanced private initiative; this side of the programme it has been very challenging and stimulating for me. The fact that I have learnt new things it is extremely stimulating. Furthermore, my experience in this programme has been positive as I am highly motivated to contribute to the development of the Host’s business: it will be a chance to grow together fostering the European identity as well as promoting innovation and new skills adquisition.

Moreover, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has been useful for the both of us to develop international contacts, as we have both benefitted from wide networking opportunities, and, possibly, decide to continue our collaboration as long-term business partners. I have placed confidence in that one added value for Host Enterpreneur will be the possibility of discovering potential cooperation opportunities. On top of that, on one hand we have beeen able to learn different ways of doing business, gaining competences and perspectives that will be invaluable to our career; it will be a great way of carrying out a range of activities together and so to strengthen our sector specific skills. On the other hand, we heve both brought fresh ideas to our business and helped developing international contacts and opening to new markets.