by Grace Gulino

Script writers can participate in the 8-month full time programme in Berlin focused on serial drama writing and production. The programme “Serial eyes” gives young television industry professionals and those interested in screenwriting the specialised expertise needed to thrive in the production environments responsible for “Mad Men” and “The Killing”. 

Berlin is perfect for script writers

Taught by showrunners and other respected industry professionals, programme participants will hone scriptwriting, production and marketing skills, analyze European national markets, and gain invaluable broadcast-industry contacts and develop their projects.

With over 2,000 film and TV companies located in Berlin, it is an ideal place to study and create film. Over 300 films are made in Berlin each year, and countless others are filmed within the country because of its beautiful scenery. The popuarity of the city also means that there are more opportunities for students participating in Serial Eyes to find internships and jobs around the area.

Diverse national perspectives will be provided by participants and instructors from across Europe, with alumni graduating into a high-value professional network spanning the continent’s television communities.

The intensive 8-month course runs from September and goes until mid-May. It is a full-time course. The course will take place in Berlin at DFFB for the whole duration of the program with a two-week visit to London in March and a visit to MIPTV in Cannes in April.

Further Information for Script writers

Total programme costs are 4,500 euros; this sum includes a 3,000 euros tuition fee and 1,500 euros to cover accommodations and travel to London and Cannes. A monthly public transport ticket for Berlin will be provided for all participants furthermore a support for public transport in London during the London visit.

SERIAL EYES is offered by the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB) in cooperation with the London Film School (LFS).