by Sydney Ramgolam

Students today are constantly looking for ways to diversify themselves and study abroad is one of the most efficient means of doing so. Germany is currently a very attractive destination. 

But for North American students, it’s not always so easy to go abroad. Since the creation of the EU, much emphasis has been placed on inter-European exchange to the detriment of the inter-continental exchanges on which much of the global economy depends.

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) offers a Study and Internship program for students specifically from the U.S. and Canada. BSEL along with 6 other German Institutions have been working now for 7 years to help students learn another language, experience another culture, and build their CV. Their goal is to deepen communications between German and North American institutions of higher learning and to foster the development of research projects and initiatives of a more international outlook.

Students accepted into this program take one semester of classes at one of the 7 German institutions and then complete a 6 month internship with a German company. In addition to chipping in for travel expenses, the program provides each student with a stipend of up to €700 per month during their studies and ensures that their internship will be paid as well once the semester is over.

View the program flyer HERE

Featured picture from University of Bridgeport (permalink), accessed 13:23 6 Jun. 2012