de Silvia Mingarelli

In theory, the so-called Social Space is an important component of successful networks. In practice, the Social Space may be a nice barbecue evening with people with whom you can talk over ideas and experiences having beers and eating sausages like b!gründet. b!gründet means to reason in German, but it has a double sense. Gründen means also to start a business. 

b!gründet offers networking in Berlin&lt

Profund, together with the Lebepur GmbH, has hosted the informal meeting of founders and future founders from all over Berlin on every last Wednesday of the month. Approximately 70 participants gather regularly at the founder’s villa in Altensteinstraße 44 b in Dahlem, to meet colleagues and experts, to maintain contacts, to discuss ideas and plans, to exchange tips and to have fun together. Founders, regulars and those who go only every now and then are all there ready to be part of such event. Part of the concept of b!gründet is that in a relaxed atmosphere new ideas arise spontaneously.

The evening usually begins with a short programme: often three to five start-up teams describe their ideas in a three-minute elevator speech. After all, in this way you get to know their faces and their stories and you can then link them up better; for instance you can ask questions, make suggestions or stimulate collaborations. 

Profund himself uses this possibility to present offers and activities of start-up promotion, and therefore, obtaining feedback from the founder. It often gives to external experts or funding partner a glimpse of their work areas. The event is organized by the managers of Lebepur GmbH to give young entrepreneurs a part of the support that they have acquired in the previous events. The ongoing programme will be announced one week prior to the meeting on the company website. Those who are interested in participating can sign up in the invitation list or just come along.

<h2>Come, meet and network</h2>

Valerie Bönström recently went to a Business & Beer meeting called b!gründet. She is a founder and managing director of Mrs. Sporty GmbH. She told how she became a businesswoman and how to build an international franchise chain. During and after her studies in Computer Science at the Free University Berlin, Bönström worked as an independent software consultant and supervised clients such as IBM and JP Morgan.

She obtained a MBA in Dubai and in London. In 2004 she founded, together with her husband Niclas Bönström and the tennis legend Stefanie Graf, the fitness chain Mrs. Sporty. This training and diet concept speaks to women of all ages who want to achieve in just 30 minutes sessions three times per week an healthier way of living. They provide continuous support to their customers and help them to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile 150,000 members across Europe are training in one of the 500 Mrs. Sporty-clubs. In addition to many practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur and mother of two also proposed to create a college degree where students could prepare themselves for the private sector: “You should convey values such as risk appetite, curiosity, openness and humanity, since German universities still have to learn a lot from American universities. Moreover, the University should provide the space for ideas, networks and funding and not lose the human level and personality development of the students”.


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