de Silvia Mingarelli

The French are not the easiest to make your way as a foreigner and Paris is beautiful, but expensive and very touristic. To survive you need to know certain things. Here 10 addresses where you can find useful information.

Do you want to improve your French? Do you need help in your paperwork? Do you want to meet with other students? Then, feel free to contact one of the Parisian associations of foreign students. They bring together French and foreigners and propose language exchanges, welcome parties… You will find a list of associations below.

  • Club International des Jeunes à Paris (CIJP) (International Youth Club in Paris)
  • The CIJP is a recognized and appreciated association that proposes a program of varied activities:
    – Conversation workshops French-English, French-Spanish and French-German
    – Theater workshops French-English
    – Visits in the neighborhoods of Paris
    – Travels in the French regions
    – Cultural tours
    – Nights out
    – Gatherings in cafes (once a month).

    The annual subscription costs 10 euros. The price of the workshops and tours varies between 3.5 and 5 euros. The price of tours around 40 euros a day and 90 euros for a weekend. Association Office address:
    201-203 rue de Vaugirard 75015 Paris
    Open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 17:30 to 20.


  • • Euro-Fil
  • The Euro-Fil association also organizes activities for French and foreign students:
    – Exchanges between French and foreign students on Tuesday from 21:30 in a bar (La Plage, 59 rue de Charonne in Bastille)
    – 2 trips a year in France and various tours
    – French pronunciation workshops
    – Theater workshops
    – Writing workshops
    – Picnics
    – Nights out.
    The annual fee is 3 euros. The price of tours varies between 65 and 70 euros. Association Office address:
    Université de Paris 1 / bureau C2202 / 90 rue de Tolbiac / 75013 Paris Tel: 06 85 62 03

  • ESN
  • Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Its mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development. The ESN network consists at this moment out of 37 countries and 496 local sections. It has a local section in Paris and allows Erasmus students to gather and to get to know each other. To learn more visit this website:

  • ISAP1 (Sorbonne International Student Association of Paris)
  • ISAP1 is the association dedicated to foreign incoming students in the University Paris 1 Panthéon. The ISAP1 team is present to accompany foreign students throughout their stay in Paris. They provide a full and comprehensive support: administrative procedures, housing or job research or, opening a bank account, and so on. The ISAP1organize throughout the year aperitifs, travels, festive gatherings and cultural visits. Besides, they have a tutoring program which allows each foreign student to have the support of a French tutor.