Art is inspiring. How to enable emerging artists to launch their career and access visibility on the international scene? This is the question the International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) responds to by offering exceptional career opportunities through its art award. IEAA is the United Arab Emirates’ first contemporary art award open for both Emirati and international participants.

Dubai invests in Art

Based in Dubai, the International Emerging Artist Award was created with the vision to provide a world class recognition for emerging artists and as a means to showcase their work by offering visibility on the international art scene. IEAA strives also to contribute to the UAE’s vision to position the UAE as a global hub for emerging art. Dubai has become one of the most important cities both in the Middle East and on the global art scene, offering exciting opportunities in the field of contemporary art and IEAA has taken this advantage to support emerging artists through its platforms.

IEAA’s mission is also to support the artists that didn’t win but have a strong artistic background. For this reason IEAA takes every opportunity to present to the public the artists discovered by the award in group shows, special media feature and other events in which the organization participates outside the competition itself.

Not just the winner wins

Therefore, the artists uncovered by IEAA see their career propelled on an international level through the exclusive partnerships IEAA develops every year with international galleries, media supporters and affiliated organizations.

IEAA’s online gallery reveals another way to reward the best candidates and artworks. Thus, each participant becomes also a potential winner and through this recognition is encouraged to participate in the global dynamics of the IEAA project.


What are the criteria to participate in the award?

What differentiates IEAA from the other art contests is primarily its mission to identify the innovative aspect of the artwork submitted, its originality which is the combination of conceptual and aesthetic value of the artwork and the overall coherence of the exhibition project. Therefore, the notion of “emergence” is understood in the subtlety of its two meanings: both innovation aspect and unknown or not known by the grand public.

The age of the participant is not a criteria for the selection given what matters the most: the quality and consistency of the artistic production.

Therefore, IEAA is seeking for artists whom are most able to create artwork in a personal and contemporary approach along with a coherent theme. Judges will value an innovative concept and will take into account the artists commitment to sincere practice that culminates a unique application. All media and material are accepted: painting, illustration & drawing, photography including innovative manipulation of the image, mixed media, digital art, video art, sculpture, etc.

Participants are requested to submit an exhibition project which consists of a series of artwork using the media of their choice or a combination of media and support. The subject should express a contemporary issue or an original concept and should be preferably executed using innovative technique of production. The participant should explain how the work proposed is original as well as the concept behind it. It should reveal the universe of the artist, the inspiration and imagination which make the project personal and unique. This series should preferably have not been exhibited or little before to preserve its emerging characteristic.