The French capital is very expensive. Who wants to move to Paris, needs a lot of money, at least €750 per month if you are to enjoy reasonable living conditions. Therefore you need to seek sources of finance. You should begin looking for a scholarship well in advance (at least a year before coming to France). Scholarship amounts depend on your level of studies. Postgraduate students, engineers and researchers receive larger scholarships. Certain international institutions, non-governmental organisations and companies award scholarships to foreign students.

Below, you will find a list of such scholarships. It is important to note, however, that this financial assistance is aimed essentially at postgraduate students and those conducting post-doctoral research.

// CampusBourses : grant search engine

Managed by CampusFrance, CampusBourses delivers instant information on financial aid by allowing you to perform searches customized to your needs. From the licence (bachelor) to the postdoc levels, CampusBourses contains data on grant and scholarship programs of national and local governments, corporations, foundations, and institutions of higher education.

// International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)

Using the “Scholarship Search” tool on the IEFA website, you may search for scholarship programmes that correspond to your field of study and host country.

 // Association nationale des docteurs ès-sciences (ANDÈS)

On its website, ANDÈS provides a guide to finance offers aimed at doctoral students and “post-docs”.

 // United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

UNESCO provides country-by-country details of scholarships awarded by higher-education institutions, governments and public & private entities. This guide may be ordered in bookshops or via the UNESCO website.

// Egide (an association that manages the French State’s international mobility programmes)

Egide administers some scholarships bound for foreigners wishing to study in France
Calls for applications on Egide’s website >>

 // Your host university or school in France

Many universities and schools award a small number of scholarships to their students.

If you are admitted to a grande école (e.g. a business or engineering school), contact the establishment in question to find out whether it offers assistance. For example, Sciences Po Paris awards a number of scholarships to its foreign students.

If you are admitted to a postgraduate or post-doctoral university programme, contact the research director of your future training & research unit or UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche). If you manage to enlist his support, you may be able to obtain a research allowance.

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