In 2009 with a group of international people, we created, a site to promote the European idea and spirit, with the slogan  “it is nice to be different”. We were mostly Germans, therefore we were especially thankful for everything that Europe offered us, from freedom to choose where to live and work without boundaries to ever-increasing cultural exchange between the European countries and its people, so different in so many things, not just with regard to the language. Now facing a deep crisis in many senses we believe that social integrity is more needed than ever. 

Communication, Debate and Social Media

We were aware of the great importance of Social Media within the European integration process, because in the end nothing is of more interest for the human being than the human being. Much progress has been made in opening up educational borders, from Erasmus to the Bologna Process. Young people’s increasing interest in cross-cultural exchange because of these developments made us believe we should better connect these ambitions with useful information on where to best study, work, find the highest quality of life and more.

Digital Business Jobs

The European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament are not really part of everyday life of European citizens, but Fernando, Ulrike, Ibrahim and Jasper – people of all kind of nationalities and social backgrounds  – are the fabric of this continent. Therefore we must link these people, helping them understand each other better by using networks for our daily life within Europe.

We already live a multicultural reality in Europe, with all its pros and cons, and we have achieved many social freedoms and rights that we are no longer aware of, nor do we take advantage of these privileges as much as we could. Just the dialogue between old and young, among East and West and South and North, can make us appreciate more what we have right now: a politically, economically and socially strong continent that does not need to fear the United States of America nor the Far East.

United Europe – we need it

Although we are living a time of change, with reduction in luxury and some social rights, we should not forget how united we are in Europe and how different at the same time. It is not the Euro that makes us one or its dissolution that would separate us; it is our open mind and social media, like our site or, that helps us to promote this concept of a Europe united by ideas.

In school, we Germans study the creation of Europe and the importance of ending the hostility between Germany and France through peace. We, the next generation after two World Wars are grateful. In and, we link cities and people with each other, but not just through Facebook or Internations – the sites act as an information bridge between Berlin and Madrid, from the North to the South of the EU.

We started with four languages, because we believe that every European should know at least a little of the four most important languages in Europe: French, German, Spanish and English.  Now we decided to switch to English, because Internet is not ready for a four language mixture and we do not have the money yet to translate all the articles.

The site is directed to people that like to move, that identify as European rather than German or Austrian. We received a prize from the European Commission in 2010 for our efforts to connect nationalities and we just linked this page in 2014  to  – a new way of finding a job in Europe. Europe is a place of opportunities in the same way than the U.S. was for so long for the Europeans.

Real things in a unreal world

We believe that real contacts can lead you to the right candidate and the right job; therefore we work with Video CVs and a real network that we have created around Europe. should show people how nice it is to go abroad – unlike the hassle it often seems in Spain, where youth unemployment is the highest in Europe. And relocation has no age limits, nor is there an expiration date on discovering the continent’s richness. This crisis can be an opportunity for many Greek, Spanish or Portuguese people looking for a new life in Germany, Austria or France.

In Planet BPM connecting Europe S.L . we have a multicultural network that represents the opportunities available in Europe: American interns, Erasmus students and Erasmus entrepreneurs. They come to see and learn, and they are astonished about the different languages we speak, the different social and educational system we have, how much we travel, that we live apart from our families and that we have friends of all backgrounds.

Europe is the most astonishing political construction in history, and we should be proud of it – every now and then we should forget about the crisis and economic challenges and praise the social achievements. Sites like and try to concentrate on that, on what unifies us.