Europe, a source of different cultures and traditions, is attracting more and more young people from all over the world, but especially from Latin America. They come to Spain to be part of the most important European Business Schools (IE, Esade, Iese) or to universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to get to know German or the worldwide well known Germanic way of working, inventing, organizing…Sometimes they realize not everything is like it is known in Latin America or like it seems to be… They teach us Spanish, Salsa, realities about their country, their habits and we learn about their worries. Normally the Latinos go back to their country, once they have finished their studies and have got some working experience. It is not surprising that they return, considering that Latin America is a region of steady growth in the last years and every time more stable. wants to foster the relations between the Hispanic world and Europe and attract people from Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru etc. to come, study and live in Europe for a while and then take part of our historical background and values to their countries. When they leave we know how to dance Tango and how good their kitchen is. We make very often friends!

To strengthen links between Latin America and Europe we started a new section in, called Latinos in Europe, where we want to publish success stories of Hispanic students and young professionals in Europe. wants to give them all the information they need to feel at home among so many different cultures. For the moment we just promote 5 European cities, but soon we want to grow and include London, Copenhague, Prague and Brussels.

We still believe that it is nice to be different!

This new project is just possible thanks to:

HTW Berlin and the postgraduate program Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E) was always with us in the last years, promoting our project.

The postgraduate program MBA&E is an engineering-oriented alternative to the traditional MBA. Along with general management and technology topics, the program offers two alternative specializations: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Interdisciplinary Management (IM).

While all students share a foundation of postgraduate management and technology studies, the BPO specialization guides the students toward professionalism in the management of outsourcing and shared services within corporate organisations. The IM specialization focuses on management in complex technical business environments.

Our main target group are international engineers striving for a management career. Students with other backgrounds but comparable career goals are welcome, too.

The MBA&E is not only a study program but also a network, almost like a family, of students and alumni employed at companies and other organisations worldwide.

MBA&E Curriculum

The program consists of two semesters of presence studies and a thesis semester. An additional one-semester internship is possible and supported by the program, but not obligatory. Both semesters include excursions to companies and events.

General Management Module
– Strategic Marketing
– Special Topics in Business Administration
– Strategy, Organization and HR Management
– Corporate Finance and Controlling

Technology and Engineering Module
– Global Supply Chain Management
– New Technologies and Innovation
– Manufacturing Technology and Automation
– Project: Engineering Management

Business Process Outsourcing Module
– Communication in International Networks
– Business Process Outsourcing
– Data Management and Business Performance Management
– Project: Shared Services, BPO and Offshoring

Interdisciplinary Management Module
– Communication, Leadership and Decision-Making
– International Project Management
– Systems Engineering
– Project: Industrial Engineering

The HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences

Established in 1994, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft is the youngest and largest application-oriented comprehensive university in Berlin. Every year over 10,000 students study here in the fields of technology, management, design and culture. Although the HTW is young, it is respected and ambitious and has been continously awarded for its practices.

Further information can be found on the websites of the MBA&E and the HTW Berlin: