by Max Long

If you share a flat in Spain, you’re much more likely to sleep with one of your flatmates than anywhere else in Europe, according to online eating platform EasyPiso. After polling over 5,000 online users, they found that one in ten young flat sharers in Spain admitted to having slept with one of their fellow dwellers. The study also found that the British too are keen to get frisky with their close neighbours, while in France you’re much less likely to get lucky with your apartment buddies.

The study, however, also found that coming across a flat sharing situation in Spain and France is much harder than it is in the UK. This is due to demand being far higher than the available rooms, especially in more desirable locations like the centre of Madrid or Barcelona. In Spain, therefore, you often have to literally “get lucky” when it comes to finding a flat.

There is also a much stronger culture in the UK of flat sharing among students than is the case in Spain, which means that Spanish landlords are often reticent to offer their flats to groups of young people. Indeed, in the UK some estate agents specialise in the renting of student rooms and flats. In Spain this gap is increasingly being filled by online platforms, which are much more effective when it comes to linking offer and demand in an already saturated market.

However, it is not only young students who are sharing flats in Europe. The study shows that around 40% of flat sharers across the continent are between 21 and 25 years old. Even more surprising, flat sharing is becoming increasingly common among retired Spaniards.

Whether it’s for economic reasons or merely for greater comfort and the chance to socialise – or more – young people across Europe are keen to find flat sharing situations wherever possible. Here’s a list of resources which can be useful when it comes to looking for flats online: – One of the most popular sites for finding properties online in Spain, Idealista has the option to specifically look for a flatshare. – Although on the expensive side for long-term renting, it is often possible to reach an agreement with owners for a suitable price. and – Two great resources for finding flat sharing opportunities. – Online flat sharing platform across Europe, similar to Airbnb but more affordable and oriented specifically towards finding roommates.