By Meghan Morris, Madrid

The Spanish government has singled out three destinations — Dublin, Silicon Valley and Mexico — to build Spanish companies overseas.

The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (adigital) is collaborating with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and to expand Spanish companies worldwide. The groups aim to boost interest in Spanish businesses and grow local entrepreneurs’ knowledge.

Ireland was chosen because of its many multinational tech companies, according to the groups’ press release. In addition, the World Bank declared Ireland the easiest EU member state in which to start a business. Spanish companies participating in the Dublin event are: , Boso Group, Desmarkt, Internalia Group Business Apps , La Revolta , Open Coast, Sistemas , Questionity , TECHNOactivity , and Weplan, according to the press release.

After Dublin, the groups will focus on Spain Tech Week in Silicon Valley and then shift to Mexico in September. The Digital Economy is one of the most important job drivers in the future and Spain and its banks are on the Top already.

In the last meeting with Germany in September Spain also convinced Germany to make Europe an excellence centre for digital business. Big data is the keyword and also the way to more jobs in Europe especially in Spain, where normal traditional industry is underrepresented.