Paris will host in 2018 the Gay Games (FGG). Open to everyone, the Gay Games endeavors to fight against all forms of discrimination in sport whether they be discriminations based on color, religion, sex or handicap… In 2018, more than 15 000 participants are expected to compete and participate in 36 sports and a rich cultural program.

 Strong institutional support

Laura Flessel added « I will play my role of Ambassador to the full to make sure that the 23 French sport federations will be associated to my mission as president of the newly-born “Sports Ethics and Values” committee in the Gay Games framework

Phillipe Ducloux, Paris deputy mayor: « For the city of Paris, for Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, for all Parisian, it will be an honor to welcome the 10th Gay Games. All participants will be welcomed in the most lovely city to bring the Gay Games to an international event ».

Francis Parny, Ile de France Region, Vice President for Sports, in Cleveland: « I’m glad that this sport and cultural event will be able to let continue our country into his fight against discrimination. »

After the terrible terrorist attacks in 2015 the games will be another sign of liberty, tolerance and peace, fundamental values of the French society.