survey on public opinion in Europe by the Pew Research Centre confirms that there is a lot of work to be done in the intercultural field in Europe. The stereotypes that lead our behaviour are mostly the reasons of many misunderstanding in the European Union. 

When people in eight countries were asked about monetary union and EU membership, fewer were in favour of either than they were when asked a year ago. But it was a question on attitudes to one another that was arguably most revealing, exposing lingering stereotyping, some historical mistrust and a bit of modern-day resentment about economic power. Germany is the most hated and respected country in the UE. 

Germany No.1 with regard to trust, but VW, Deutsche Bank and Sport scandal may change this soon

When asked to name the most trustworthy nation, every country voted for Germany except for the Greeks. The Greeks are completely disappointed about German policy. They awarded themselves that accolade, while casting Germany as the most arrogant and least compassionate nation. The Poles nominated Germany as both the most and least trustworthy nation, possibly dividing among older Poles with memories of war and younger ones who admire its reputation for prudence.

The French are arrogant and the italians mistrustful

The French, too, appear to be in two minds about their own arrogance—though the Brits are in no doubt about it. In a telling answer, Italians are most mistrustful of one another, perhaps aware that their country ranks badly on international corruption measures. Slovaks may not know whether to be (quietly) proud or slightly miffed that they are named the most humble nation by their bigger neighbour and one-time compatriots, the Czechs.