by Deike Ricardo

A video CV is an asset. At Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) students can learn how to record it and how to present yourself. A Video CV is part of a successful job placement apart from a written CV. did a workshop and we were surprised by the openness and self-confidence of the students when they faced the relatively new topic “Video CV“. And also the quantity: out of 40 event participants, 20 wanted to make a video with our team.


Whoever uses the opportunity to get a video CV should above all not be shy! And be able to summarize accurately within a very short time the main points of their previous work and university life (an average of one minute). Our “models” managed it very well!

One minute – that’s not much – but a video CV is used for a first impression of the candidate by employees in the HR departments in desired job sectors.

These include communication skills, languages, friendly and open appearance before the camera. All what a standard CV just will not give. Language skills, and much more appearance, can thus convince the Human Resources directly. Whoever presents a detailed monologue of their life may have exactly the opposite result, namely lack of interest!

The approach of our team was to give the candidates at the HTW several attempts; of course, some candidates had initial excitement. Our website wants to put businesses and young professionals on a single platform. Companies have the opportunity to look at a private channel with video CVs and to recruit candidates in a specific industry all over Europe! Our candidates come from all over the world.

Candidates can upload their written CV and take advantage of the option of a video by contacting: or

Two examples of candidates of the HTW Berlin:

Video CV HTW 1

Video CV HTW 2