Located at the center of the Northern European plain, Poland has been a nation of survivors since the foundation of the first Polish state more than 1,000 years ago. Through its turbulent history its people have managed to maintain their identity, and today, the country enjoys a crucial position as the largest of the former Eastern European states and the most populous new member of the European Union.

10 Reasons to choose Poland as a place to work and live:

  1. Poland has one of Europe’s youngest populations – half of its citizens are less than 35 years old. Out of nearly 39 million Poles, almost 2 million are university students.
  2. Poland’s education market has been the most dynamically developing in Europe in the last ten years. The number of higher education institutions has quadrupled while the number of students increased five fold. Each year, almost half a million young people begin their education at universities and colleges.
  3. The Jagiellonian University of Cracow was established in 1364. Nicholas Copernicus and Marie Skłodowska-Curie are among great names of Polish scientists known and admired worldwide.
  4. Warsaw University is ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking, it outperformed such great institutions as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A representative of Poland also leads the Top Coder individual ranking.
  5. All leading universities offer programmes thought in English, these include medicine, engineering, humanities, business and finance. Poland takes active part in the Bolonia Process. Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) students can be fully mobile, and continue education in other countries.
  6. Universities have special offices to take care of the needs of international students. Specially assigned Polish students help newcomers to adjust to the new environment.
  7. Phenomenon unique to Poland‘s education market is the large share of it in the hands of private institutions of higher education. The composition of the Polish market is comparable to that in the USA. Thanks to high level of competition the cost of studying is lower than in other European countries.
  8. Studying in Poland offers a wonderful opportunity to get to know the rich culture, to see splendid historical monuments, to enjoy some of Europe’s largest and most unspoilt natural habitats.
  9. Students who decide to study in Poland in English can do so at one of more than 100 institutions. HEI’s in Poland emphasize the application of scientific knowledge for future professional needs. Strong focus is placed on fundamental and applied research, as well as on creative and artistic work.
  10. Poland is a growing country with a stable political situation and a very high quality of life.