A scholarship doesn’t just provide you funding for your degree: it will help you stand out as someone who takes their work seriously and who excels in everything they do. Very few people have access to scholarships. Let’s face it – education is an investment and it needs to pay off. A scholarship helps you do so in more ways than one. You invest a lot of money for tuition fees, board and room and personal expenses. Nowhere is this more the case than London, one of the most expensive cities to study in the world. The British capital is a greta place to expand your education and practise your language skills –  but the high living costs may mean you’re broke long before you get even close to finishing your degree.

The first rule to get a scholarship is that you need to know what and where you want to study. Once you know that, you just need to contact the university and check if they have scholarships for your intended field of study. In 99% of the cases, the answer is: YES! All you need is to contact them and see what they want. Generally, universities look for GPA, personal motivation, test scores, community service or special skills. If you have them – apply! If you do not – you know what you need so take your time and figure out what you could achieve and what is beyond your reach. Some of the scholarship requirements might be a little ambitious (like becoming a skilled violin or organ player) but some may not and you stand a real chance to receive a scholarship in London!

One thing is sure – nobody will give you a scholarship unless you look for and apply for it. The sooner you start your search, the sooner you will get a scholarship. For a comprehensive list of the universities in London and their scholarships opportunities, visit:



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