Toledo is like a museum, historic place, but still an important economic region, close to the Spanish capital. If you visit Madrid for more than a few days, you have an awesome opportunity for a day trip to one of the most historical cities not only in Spain but also in Europe. Toledo is the city of El Greco, Spanish kings, Muslims and Jews. When you study or work in Madrid, this is the place to go for the weekend and forget everything that is stressing about the capital. 

The city is just 70 km from Madrid and there are direct buses and trains which take about 45 minutes. There are buses every 30 minutes and the ticket is about 10 Euro for a round-trip. The buses depart at the bus station at Plaza Eliptica in Madrid and arrive at the bus station in Toledo. The metro is directly connected to the station in Madrid. The tickets are sold by automates in the corridor of the building. You can find more information at

If you want to stay for more than a day, you can stay at a hotel or a hostel. There are good centrally located hostels in Toledo with prices of less than 15 Euros. And there are acceptable hotels in the price range of 40-50 Euros.

dreamstime_m_49774376Toledo is not Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca and do not expect huge parties!

In fact, there are not many clubs in Toledo. On the contrary, there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can eat or have a drink. Moreover, if you do not go to the tourist part of the city, it is truly cheap.

Many people make only a day trip to Toledo. However, this will not be enough if you are interested in culture and you want to visit all bridges, gates, churches and museums. Moreover, there are different Toledo passes which gives you discount when you visit more places. And there are truly many sights: Castillo de San Servando, medieval castle, the Gothic Cathedral, 13th century, the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes, 15th century, the Museo de El Greco, the Santa María la Blanca, the oldest synagogue building in Europe still standing, the Sephardic Museum, the Galiana Palace, 13th century, the Tornerías Mosque, 11th century, the Alcazar fortress, the Cambrón gate, 16th century, the Alcántara bridge and the Puente de San Martin, only to mention a few!

So, if you have a day or two to go to Toledo from Madrid, you will definitely not regret it!